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Salt Therapy & Wellness Spa

Salt Room Supply Store - now OPEN new owner!

Salt Room Therapy Benefits:

The benefits of Halo Therapy have been well studied, especially in Eastern Europe where it is a standard treatment for respiratory ailments. Salt Rooms have beneficial effects on opening and clearing airways, for better breathing and speeds up the mucus clearing without drugs.

Salt Therapy...Has been shown to help reduce dependency on medications and inhalers.

* Halo Therapy - is the inhalation of minute salt particles that are released into the air in the salt room through a Halo generator. The Halo generator crushes the salt and disperses it as a "dry salt aerosol" during each session. The Halo generator is equipped with a sensory device that constantly monitor's the salt level in the air.

* The Salt Room - provides a soothing meditative space to promote better breathing to help soothe the airways and your soul at the same time.

You just walk in...relax your body and mind, listen to music and heal the natural way.

A session lasts (45 minutes)

You can enjoy the salt room session alone or with friends or family members, it is beneficial for all ages and is safe for babies and pregnant women.

We offer our clients a natural "NEW WAY OF THINKING" towards better health in:

Allergies / Asthma / Bronchitis / Emphysema / COPD / Cold & Flu / Chronic Fatigue / Cystic Fibrosis / Insomnia / Sinusitis / Skin conditions / Smokers Cough / Snoring / STRESS / other Respiratory Ailments / and more...

Come visit us to learn more about how a natural healing element from the earth called salt, can improve your health.

We also offer Infrared Sauna's!

* Infrared Sauna's - Sweating is one of the body's most natural ways to eliminate toxins. In a infrared sauna the deep sweat can promote weight loss, increased circulation, skin improvements and detoxification.